We have been made aware by local law enforcement that some of our racers sometimes exit the race partway through and enter member-only hunting club property.

The club that owns the land has asked us to make our racers aware that any non-members found trespassing on their property will be cited for trespassing.

For this reason, we are announcing that anyone who begins the race must complete the race route. If you are having trouble and need to exit early, we will have race representatives traveling the river to ensure no one is left behind who you can wait for.

You may also call the phone number on your armband, and we will make arrangements to help you get off the river safely.

If you leave the river onto adjoining property without permission, you put yourself at risk of being cited for trespassing.

April 17, 2021
The 47th Wild Hog Canoe Race
is officially on the books for 2024!
Welcome to the Wild Hog Canoe Race
A crossed out boat propeller with the words, "muscles only! no brains allowed! ... or required"We will laugh at you but... we'll also feed you!A compass with the words "Won't need one of these... IT'S A RIVER."

The Wild Hog Canoe Race operates in order to offer assistance to The ARC of Levy. The ARC is an association formed in 1950 by family members and friends of developmentally challenged people. Today there are 120,000 members and nearly 1,000 state and local chapters.

The primary objective of the ARC is to secure for all people with developmental challenges the opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, work, and play. The ARC is further committed to reducing the incidence and limiting the consequence of developmental challenges through education, research, advocacy, and the support of families, friends, and the community.

LARC directors standing in front of sign for The Arc of Levy County.
A man jumping into the back of a sinking canoe while his partner paddles.

The race itself is safe, but it can be an incredibly challenging event, even for avid canoe/kayakers.

Rescue personnel are always on-site, and we have checkpoints as well as individuals checking the river. This race is no day at the beach!

Race Day is about more than just being in the water. The whole community is welcome to come on out and enjoy a day of family-friendly fun!

Our famous finish line is always a fantastic place to be, with food, music, fun, animals, a zipline, bouncy house, contests, prizes, and all kinds of characters who come out just to watch drained racers pushing through the last few hundred yards looking like drowned rats.

The Wild Hog Canoe Race is a great event for the whole family, and many come out just for the festivities!

A girl riding a zipline.
Several groups of canoe race participants get piled up near the finish line.

We hope you'll consider coming out to support us as we do all we can to support The ARC of Levy. Even if you can't donate to the cause, please feel free to come out and lend some personality to the event!

Please follow us on Facebook to be kept up to date regarding the race, as well as events we hold year round to generate funds, 100% of which are donated to The ARC of Levy.

Be the first to know. Opportunities and updates.

Throughout the year, Wild Hog Canoe Race puts on events and yard sales to raise funds for The ARC of Levy. You can follow us on Facebook to watch for updates on these events, OR you can sign up for our emails and find out before anybody else!

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